Free Clearing the Clairs: One Person will be picked

A free live demonstration where in one person will be picked. We will first get you to measure your Clairs.  And then we will take you through a process that will clear out your blockages. After which, you will measure your Clairs again.

Free Masterclass : Releasing Our Addictions

Have you ever described yourself as having an addictive personality? With these tools we are able to uncover the truth of who we are once our parents, teachers, the world and even we are not defining ourselves. The discovery of our nature is inherent in relaxing into the actual neutrality all around us. Come watch […]

Free Akashic Records Reading for One Person

The Akashic Records are a field of information about the past, present and future of every being and object ever. It records all thoughts, words, deeds, feelings and intentions. It records in minute detail all that has ever occurred. The Akashic Records contain the history of every Soul since the dawn of creation.   We […]

Free Masterclass : ESP Skills Enhancement

Come learn how to enhance your ESP abilities by discovering where exactly they are now. Then, one person will be chosen to experience these amazing techniques for removing the energy blocks to opening them up for more guidance to be received. This event is Live on Zoom and Livestreamed into our Private Facebook Group.

Trinity Bookclub

Join together to be with three New York Times Bestsellers containing stories of hidden scrolls, energetic forces, secrets and prophecies. Come listen to Rev. Lynn channel Jeshua and Mary Magdalene as they speak to the truth and life contained within these novels. Bring all questions you have about their beloved relationship, that time together, and […]

Melchizedek Ordinations: In Person Event

Come join us in Huntington, NY on February 11th to be ordained. You must be paid in full by the start of the event. The exact address will be emailed to you once you are fully registered. Welcome to all who feel called.

Quantum Communication

A 6-week course with 90 to 120 minute online classes starts on February 16th at 5pm EST live on Zoom.  The prerequisite for this class is Quantum Healing. There is a class being offered beginning January 3rd if you feel to join in on this journey. This journey will help to clear the smokescreen that […]

Free Masterclass : Manifesting Magic

Have you ever accidentally manifested something amazing? You are invited to come learn how to do that with intention with Rev. Lynn and Alicia. This will be a magical experience of manifestation, hypnotherapy and activation. We will be tapping into our potential for manifesting our desires and anchoring ourselves into our soul purpose.

Akashic Transformational Alchemy Masterclass

Come join us to learn more about how to see your past lives in the Akashic Records. We will go to your round table and meet your spiritual guides for this alchemical transformation.

Your Year of Abundance Mastermind 2

This 9-week course with 90 minute online classes starts on March 22nd at 5pm EST Live on Zoom.  Sign up soon as the Early Bird pricing ends March 1st! This journey will help you to create systems for a successful 2023 & beyond 💛

Soul Reclamation

Recovering the Sovereign Sacred Self: Regular Price $2,888  |  VIP $3,888  | This is a 6-week course with 90-minute classes twice a week Early Bird Pricing $2,444 |  Early Bird VIP $3,444. Pricing ends 3/14/23 and includes two (2) one-on-one healing sessions, one with Lynn and one with Clare (valued at $1,666). As humans, we […]

Quantum Healing Intensive

Regular Price $2888  |  Early Bird Pricing $2222 through 3/23 Quantum Healing Intensive is a 4-week course with 120-minute classes twice a week. Mondays & Thursdays from 11 am to 1 pm EST from April 10th until May 4th. Here you will learn intuitive tools that will awaken your fullest potential. The energy we hold […]