The Essene Gospel of Peace Book Club Mastermind – Weekly for One Hour

Rev. Lynn LaBorde will be channeling Jeshua and we will be holding a Q&A Session weekly.   Come join us as we read the 4 books of the Essene Gospel of Peace. They include - The Essene Gospel of Peace, The Unknown Book of the Essenes, Lost Scrolls of the Essene Brotherhood & The Teachings […]

Free Masterclass : Egyptian High Magic

Come join us in the free masterclass where we will talk about the True Art of Manifestation. Learn how to manifest without past karma.  The Egyptian High Magic will be brought by Hathor.      

Q & A with Jesus

Get your Questions answered directly by Jesus. Rev. Lynn LaBorde will channel Jesus on ZOOM Live.   Come ask anything that you desire or just to have a chat with Jesus.   This event will take place on  June at 11:30AM EST and it will be 60 minutes and will be in a group. The […]

Magical Relationships – Free Masterclass

Come join us for the free masterclass where we will give you a snippet of our upcoming workshop: Magical Relationships - how to attract and how to improve your current magical relationships.

Learn how to read the Akashic Records

In this 3 hour class, Rev. Lynn LaBorde will take you through how to access the Akashic Records for yourself as well as others. This will be a Zoom Meeting. The link will be emailed upon registration. Cost is $333.  

Quantum Mastermind

This mastermind is for those who are ready to step into their power, take responsibility, heal, transform and create success beyond their wildest dreams. Over the six months you will receive: 12 individual 1:1 healing sessions with Rev. Lynn every other week 24 group mastermind sessions up to three hours each with all participants where […]

Hot Seat Healing – Free Healing for one person

  We will be picking one person for a Free Healing Session. This Healing will take place on Zoom and it will be livestreamed into our Private Facebook Group and on YouTube.  

Lion’s Gate Portal Meditation

Join Rev. Lynn on a Guided Meditation on the most magical day when the Lion's Gate Portal is open on 08/08/2022 A gateway between physical and spiritual world is activated. Join live on Zoom  

Quantum Wealth

Come join us in this free masterclass to learn more about Quantum Wealth.  

ESP Bundle

  We will teach you two techniques that will help you unblock your psychic abilities and measure for yourself where your psychic abilities are. 

Quantum Healing

A 6 week course with 90 minute online classes starts on Oct 13th 2022.  Learn psychic tools that will awaken your fullest potential Classes include: Psychic Surgery Technique Clearing the Clairs How to read the Akashic Records Incident Handling Entity Handling Akashic past life healing Clean Slate