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enlightenment within reach

personal healing

Transform your mental and emotional suffering into peace and joy, and develop a deeper understanding of your purpose and divinity.

healer training

Develop your innate healing abilities so you can help others transform their lives and find personal freedom. Everyone is welcome.

1-on-1 mentoring

Experience the power of different healing techniques, and learn how to do them for yourself and others with 1-on-1 guidance.

the sanctuary

Since 2017, the sohmalife sanctuary has brought peace and prosperity to the people of Long Island and New York City.


On weekdays, the sanctuary is home to 1:1 holistic healing sessions and healer training workshops, and on the weekends, the sanctuary invites some of New York's most gifted psychics and healers to teach classes.

In its three years of existence, the sohmalife sanctuary has come to be a second home for many. Everyone is welcome and accepted at sohmalife, so whoever you may be, no matter your story, we invite you to join us on the path to enlightenment.

sohmalife sanctuary in New York

Reverend Lynn LaBorde comes from a long family lineage of psychics and has spent her entire life from the age of 11 on developing her Pyschic and Mediumship abilities and training in various other healing modalities like Akashic Records, Channeling and Past Life healing to name a few.


Today, Lynn uses her natural abilities and 48 years of training to help people overcome challenges, heal the wounds of past emotional trauma, and lead more fulfilling lives.

As much as Lynn heals others, she always stresses that we are all healers, and that stepping into our own abilities is just a matter of strengthening those "muscles." For those who wish to cultivate their own psychic and healing abilities, Lynn offers various training classes, as well as 1:1 mentoring.

our founder

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Long Island

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