How to read the Akashic Records

    Come join us to learn what the Akashic Records are and what information they store along with what are the best questions to ask the records. We will teach you how to read the records for yourself and for others during this 3 hour class.  This class will be live on Zoom and […]

Quantum Healing

A 6 week course with 90 to 120 minute. This class will be live on Zoom and starts on December 1st at 1pm EST. Learn psychic tools that will awaken your fullest potential Classes include: Psychic Surgery Technique Clearing the Clairs How to read the Akashic Records Incident Handling Entity Handling Akashic past life healing

Your Year of Abundance

Make 2023 your most lucrative year yet through our two-month group coaching program. This is a calling for the entrepreneur that is ready to step in to their worth and abundance. You will learn the tools and techniques to take your business to the next level.

Ask and It is Given

  Did you know you can have anything that you desire? Join us on this 12 week journey as we make our way through the 22 chapters and 22 processes. Together let us learn to manifest our desires.   Mother Mary will be our guide each week. Wednesdays starting on December 7 2022 at 2:00 […]

Free Akashic Records Reading for One Person

The Akashic Records are a field of information about the past, present and future of every being and object ever. It records all thoughts, words, deeds, feelings and intentions. It records in minute detail all that has ever occurred. The Akashic Records contain the history of every Soul since the dawn of creation.   We will […]

Akashic Past Life Healing : Free Masterclass

Come join us to learn more about how to heal your past lives in the Akashic Records. We will go to your round table and meet your guides for this healing.

Clearing the Clairs: One Person will be picked

A free live demonstration where in one person will be picked. We will first get you to measure your Clairs.  And then we will take you through a process that will clear out your blockages. After which, you will measure your Clairs again.

Quantum Mastermind

This Mastermind will include Coaching, sharing Wisdom and Channeling. This will be an intimate container open to only 24 people where we will deepen what you have learnt. We will have a questions and answers opportunity during this Mastermind.  We begin on Jan 5 2023 at 5pm EST meeting weekly till June 29 2023

Quantum Communication

A 6-week course with 90 to 120 minute online classes starts on February 16th at 5pm EST live on Zoom.  This journey will help to clear the smokescreen that surrounds your interpersonal communications. Experience the power and energy of words, as well as processes for how to break through the unconscious belief patterns that you […]