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Lynn LaBorde

Rev. Lynn is a gifted spiritual healer and teacher with 47 years of spiritual education, experience and training. She is a certified Spiritual Consultant and is the co-founder of the sohmalife Sanctuary in Huntington, Long Island, New York. Since opening 3 years ago over 750 students have been taught by 50 different teachers through over 400 classes.


Clients trust her to integrate and release trapped and stagnant energy as well as emotional blockages within their energetic fields.  Lynn also teaches these tools and techniques as part of the Psychic Development Academy curriculum. Students of the Academy meet weekly at the sohmalife Sanctuary. Unique classes, trainings, psychic healing tools, meditations, gatherings and channeling practice events are also offered throughout each month. Lynn offers transformational mentoring/coaching in a one-on-one environment. During these sessions she helps clients to resolve their personal issues as well as trains them in her own processes, psychic tools and healing techniques. 


Her list of services includes past life regression healings, house blessings, chakras balancing, Reiki treatments, Reiki Attunements, guided meditations, psychic healing as well as powerful shadow-work healing sessions. Lynn reads the Akashic Records in private sessions designed especially for each clients’ personal needs. She also teaches others to read the Akashic Records. As a student of the Cards of Destiny for over 15 years, Lynn is trained to deliver in-depth readings using The Ancient Book of Time. 

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Through her lifetime of training in various healing modalities and her familial psychic lineage, Lynn is able to intuit the root causes of your life obstacles and remove them, helping to pave the way for you to begin creating a new life that you love.

Looking to become a healer? Let Lynn teach and train you in one of the many healing techniques she has learned over the last 47 years. Everyone is capable of learning these healing techniques and encouraged to develop your own abilities. All levels of healers are welcome, from beginners to experts.


In the course of this mentoring you will apply 6 psychic healing tools that will allow you to enhance your spiritual ascension work. These 6 psychic healing tools will not only increase your intuitive gifts, but you will also see remarkable expansion in every aspect of your personal and professional life.

Giving someone your presence and attention is like giving them the gift of love.

- Lynn LaBorde


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you.” 

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